Procreate, Photoshop, Figma
In a market flooded by competing products, many consumers choose their wine by label preference alone (a wine.net survey indicated that the number was as high as 80%). With this in mind, how might we create an art driven design system that is eye-catching and scalable?
These wine labels combine intriguing names, punchy artwork, and elegant, simple typography to create a cohesive product line that will form a lasting connection with wine shoppers.
I started this project by collecting inspiration and creating a moodboard in Figma. In particular, I sought out images that highlighted texture, collaged artwork, simple typography, and bold, limited palettes that would could be adapted into brand assets.
I created rough layout sketches to show the relative placement of elements based on competing wine labels. After finalizing a layout, I used Procreate to develop artwork for a range of possible wine products. Following the guidance of my moodboard, I used paper backgrounds from True Grit Texture Supply to provide a weathered substrate for the label designs. Additionally, I created a series of stamp brushes in Procreate to give the artwork a block printed look (I won’t go into detail about the process, but feel free to ask me if you are interested!).
While working on the art, I developed a limited color palette that would be used repeatedly across all label designs to subtly highlight the brand. With the visual style taking shape, I chose simple, timeless typefaces that would express the brand without stealing focus from the artwork.
I set up a label template in Photoshop to combine all elements into a single layout. After completing the six front labels, I created reverse labels that would display the legally required information, as well as QR codes that would link to specific tasting notes and reviews for each varietal.
This project started out as a fun way to adapt my visual art style to a packaging project. As it progressed, I realized how a limited project—based on a design system—could easily be scaled up into a website, or even a full branding package. As always, I really enjoy the chance to exercise my creativity with clear constraints.

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